Keeping Your Residents, Losing Your Residents

Article from Units Magazine (National Apartment Association).  Posted in the August 2017 issue. 

Following are the top 10 reasons why residents move in and move out, according to the 2017 SatisFacts Insite Move In/Move Out Survey.

Why Residents Move In

1. Apartment’s appearance & condition
2. Apartment’s availability
3. Convenience—general location
4. Rent specials/value
5. Apartment’s space & design
6. Apartment has washer/dryer
7. Proximity to work
8. Apartment’s cleanliness
9. Pets are accepted
10. Kitchen appliances & cabinets

Why Residents Move Out

1. Life-changing event (marital status, new job)
2. Rent was too high
3. Other (unit price, outdated building, poorly managed
4. Purchased a home/condo
5. Moving out of area
6. Not satisfied with service
7. Neighbors/other residents
8. Overall appearance & condition of community
9. Overall appearance & condition of apartment
10. Safety and security